48hz Sound Interference it´s an essay about the art of sound experimentation through the point of view of influential musicians, composers and sound artists on today`s music reality. An experimental look about an attitude and a way of understanding music as an essential area for creativity.


This documentary it´s about the creative process in experimental music, and explores what drives many artists to pursue this art, often misunderstood. The appetite for risk, the unpredictable pleasure of breakdown traditional values ​​are motivations that underlie the act of experiencing.

48hz Sound Interferences as followed different composers, musicians and sound artists from the music scene of Barcelona, and it was build within the leading voices of the experimental scene since the late ’70s, as the maestro Andrés Lewin-Richter, the great improviser Agustí Fernandez, the enthusiastic recently deceased composer Joan Saura, the sound thinker José Manuel Berenguer and sound activist Victor Nubla. In turn collects the work of emerging artists and initiatives that promote experimental creation, as the Festival Circuit and Ecliptic Curt 2012.

This documentary project defends experimentation as an essential attitude though the evolution of artistic, scientific, social or personal languages and, it seems as it were an devoted act without intentions who seeks permanently to transgress the boundaries in order to discover new results. In the words  of John Suara: “if there had been someone who sounds experienced on same machine that did not know very well for what they were going to serve it in a closed lab, it would not exist Techno-Pop”.

In the visual treatment of 48hz, we can find different visual sound artistic languages, like, foundfountage, handpainting film (8mm), choreographed visual sound sequences and electroacoustic, experimental and contemporary sound composition techniques in the editing process, to build and draw a visual sound cinematography.

48hz, it is also a measure of audio conversion used in documentary filmmaking. In turn, it as  been used, as a narrative metaphor related to the recording and shooting process of the reality and every possibilities that it contains to be manipulated, converted and transformed.

While experience is a practice that carries risks, it remains a fertile ground for creativity and an inexhaustible source of energy and possibilities, in the search for new meanings, to the apparent chaos of reality.


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