“48hz Sound Interferences”  it´s a movie about my desire to experiment with sounds, images and words and to find new ways to better understand how music is made by the human being. My starting point, was my own curiosity and creative impulse, for later be able to understand a little more about the reasons and the meanings of the creation itself. Especially, that ones who plunges you into an unfamiliar atmosphere that test your limits every seconds. Basically, I feel this process of creating as a way of questioning our listening habit´s to hear and seeing.

It´s a documentary that reflect my attitude towards the music creation process, it`s like a road map of my methodology of thinking, that translate the sound in pictures. As one wanted to see and hear the image and the sound.

My motivation, was to make poetry with imagens and sounds, was to reveal that experimentation it´s coherent and imperative in regard to the connection within the laws of the nature. Even if we find it more difficult than it is the most important think is to intimate our self to the creation process and rise over our heads the unexpected spell and  challenge us for establish a free commitments with ourself´s.



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